Anti-Wrinkle Gel


The unique power of AVA9 Ultra-Recovery Anti-Wrinkle Gel's scientifically advanced skincare formula lies in its special blend of skin-nourishing amino acids.

L-Arginine, L-Isoleucine, L-Phenylalanine and other sensational ingredients are combined in a complex peptide, to give your skin a luxurious renewal. Bringing back the appearance of younger-looking skin and boosting your confidence to face the day with a smile.

Studies by our manufacturer found that over a 21 day period, the skin's membrane was replenished and regenerated by AVA9 Ultra-Recovery Anti-Wrinkle Gel at the deepest level, boosting the appearance of healthier-looking skin.

And unlike some creams whose results only last a few hours, regular use of AVA9 Ultra-Recovery Anti-Wrinkle Gel provides lasting and enriching results. That's because our advanced biotechnology promotes the biosynthesis of key skincare factors like:

  • keratins: proteins that give the skin a firmer appearance

  • laminin-5 and B1 integrins: critical for improving the structure and function of the skin’s base membrane

  • collagen producing genes – Collagen I and Collagen III: rebuild the skin’s connective tissue, making skin appear smoother and firmer.